Trees Under Water

Synopsis: Until the accident, it’s just another morning in Simon’s life. But when
Simon is hit by the punk band’s tour bus, a rift appears in a previously coherent world.
Memories of the past, habitual actions and schemes of the present, narratives and fictions. The temporal levels of lived past, experienced present and possible future become interlaced. A reality emerges that, by means of fictional elements allows a different access to reality and aims at a truth that be depicted, but only atmospherically hinted at. /
Cast: Fabian Hagen, Marlene Goksch, Gerhard Roiß, Marvin Fuhrberg, Jens Gerhards, Patrice Spajda, Dennis Depoi /
Director: Julian Simon Pache / Genres: Fiction/Experimental/Dark Comedy / Runtime: 24:24 min / Language: German / Subtitle: English