The Deluge

Synopsis: Syndafloden (The Deluge) is the first joint full-length film by Jenni and Lauri Luhta, an artist couple living in Helsinki, Finland. It was made without a crew, utilizing digital collage technique. The Deluge takes its viewers on a visual-poetic journey through our world’s present apocalyptic age juxtaposed with the prophecies and riddles of the renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519). In the film, Leonardo’s prophetic visions from more than 500 years ago are narrated by a Swedish-speaking personification of Death and witnessed by Death’s Follower. The unique translations from Leonardo’s notebooks to Swedish were made especially for this film by the translator and artist Magnus Strandberg.
Cast: Jenni Luhta as Death, Lauri Luhta as Follower
Directors: Jenni Luhta, Lauri Luhta
Languages: Swedish, Finnish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 01:21:18