Jimmy has dreams of a new life. His girlfriend, Amelia, has just accepted his proposal of marriage, however this elation is short-lived. Following a knock at the door and the appearance of an old “friend”, Jimmy is forced to confront and confess his past resulting in shocking consequences.


Jimmy has come to Amelia’s house to propose. He is quite nervous about this until Amelia (enthusiastically) says yes! Jimmy thought it might have been too early in the relationship. Amelia lets him know the timing is perfect.

Just as Jimmy and Amelia start to celebrate, there is a knock at the door. A gas technician who has come to check the house for a possible gas leak. Jimmy is not happy to see this man, who announces himself as Charlie, a friend from college. Charlie boldly moves through the home, where he meets an excited Amelia who shows him her engagement ring. After a brief conversation, Charlie leaves. At the front door Charlie tells Jimmy there is a problem and it needs to be fixed.

Jimmy returns to Amelia and confesses he is not a banker. Infact his name is not even ‘Jimmy’ and he is, indeed, a spy. Upon hearing this, Amelia reacts as if it’s a joke until Jimmy elaborates. The gas technician is not his “friend, Charlie, from college”, but rather Jimmy’s boss – Martin, a brutal, cruel man. Amelia tells Jimmy she not know what to make of this, until Jimmy tells her that he was sent to spy on her. Amelia was suspected of being a foreign agent, however as Jimmy came to know her – and fall in love with her – he realised this could not be true.

Jimmy tells Amelia that he is going to kill himself in order that she will not be harmed by Martin. Amelia does not take this news very well, but then lets Jimmy know that she is not prepared to live the rest of her life without him.

Jimmy and Amelia spend their last evening together. Jimmy recounts stories of his time as a spy. Amelia again expresses her love for Jimmy, letting him know that she only sees his kindness and humanity. Jimmy, however, knows that in the line of duty, he has done some very bad things and probably does not deserve Amelia’s love and admiration.

After Jimmy strangles Amelia – with her consent and at her insistence – he takes a poison capsule, killing him instantly.

Martin has returned to Amelia’s home some time after this. He is with another man, Amelia’s handler. We discover that Amelia is actually also a spy. It appears a bet has been made about which spy would ‘win’. Surprised at Amelia’s apparent dedication to her work, Martin pays Amelia’s handler as they discuss how to dispose of the bodies of Jimmy and Amelia.

Jimmy The Spy is a handsome, intelligent, exciting man of action. He is also a figment of Young Jimmy’s imagination. While Young Jimmy – who has bad skin and braces – is waiting patiently in a car for a friend in a coffee shop, he has been daydreaming about the man he could be (and may never be).


JIMMY – Brandon Wayne
AMELIA – Carlotta Migliolo (originally from Firenze, but we would like to keep her here)
DANCING MAN – Mark Adams
MARTIN – James Raydan

DIRECTOR – Natalie Spence

GENRE – Drama/Romance

RUNTIME – 40:01

LANGUAGE – English