SeMenti – studio sul paradosso del Mentitore / a study on the paradox of the liar

Ours first work is a filosofical noir: dreamlike fragments experienced by a confused aged man. A strange scenario dominated by a great question that will grip you: would you tighten the noose around the accused’s neck … even knowing that your decision were been taken by others? From what? Counterfeited by the appearance and the fascination of power … spoiled by partial or fake readings, or convinced by the wine that made us drink … or overwhelmed by rules and rules, that can be… the other way round… circumvented with quirks or manipulative words.

Andrea Canuti
Antonio Lucherini
I Fingitori – Antonio Lucherini, I Fingitori – Riccardo Sghedoni
Key Cast
Tiziano Meschieri, Ferdinando Napolitano, Salvatore Signa, Sara Gozzi