Scimmia Divina – La tragedia dei pezzenti (Divine Monkey – The tragedy of the beggars)

Vicenza, 1978. A man reads a newspaper. An article catches his attention: the corpses of a painter and a boy, belonging to a cult of alienated fools, are found in an elegant house of the upper middle class. The article reconstructs the obscure and grotesque story of this cult, permeated with bizarre characters: a double-lived swindling doctor, a confused paraplegic painter, an ambiguous girl who practices esoteric rituals.

Alessandro Ferrini Director
Martino Sartori Director
Scimmia DivinaDirector
Gianmaria Sisca Writer
Martino Sartori Writer
Alessandro Ferrini Writer
Alessandro Ferrini Producer
Gianmaria Sisca Producer
Martino Sartori Producer
Gianmaria Sisca Key Cast
Davide Marcolin Key Cast
Alessandro Ferrini Key Cast
Georide Fontana Key Cast
Odilla Pillan Key Cast
Matteo Paiusco Key Cast
Anastasia Sinigur Key Cast
Patrizia Lovato Key Cast
Andrea Bevilacqua Key Cast
Raffaele Frigo Key Cast
Guido Lamberti Key Cast
Angie Flaxen Key Cast

Directors: Alessandro Ferrini, Martino Sartori

Genres: Noir, Grotesque, Pulp, Expressionism

Runtime: 1h 30m 59s

Language: Italian

Subtitle: English