San Donato Beach

When summer comes in the suburbs, time seems to stop. The neighbourhood, already lifeless and monotonous during the year, folds back on itself in relentless stillness. In this scenario, the last shall be last – and loneliness seems inescapable. Reza’s fatigue of living, Andrea’s gambling disease, the marginalization caused by Patrizia’s depression are told in the first person as if they were random notes for the drafting of a visual essay on loneliness. When it comes to boredom, there is no fake story-telling: there is only the slow and imperceptible evolution of tender movements of hope.

Cast: Andrea Pederzoli, Reza Salimi Balani, Patrizia Ragalmuto, Armando Carotenuto, Stefania Cubicciotti, Elem Emin.
Director : Fabio Donatini
Script : Fabio Donatini and Antonello Grassi
First A. D. : Daniele Balboni
Second A. D. : Gloria Dardari
Production : Fabio Donatini and Nicola Spaccucci
Production assistant : Chiara Nicoletti
Creative producer : Francesco Merini
D. O. P. : Ebraheemi Shappour
Sound Department : Fabio Donatini, Antonello Grassi, Daniele Balboni
Sound Design : Jacopo Trapani for StudioLab
Editing : Nicola Spaccucci
Graphics : Nathalia Chubanu

Experimental feature documentary
ITALY 2020, 90’
Subtitles: english