“When it all started in Rwanda, the white man left. The whole world turned aside” Augustin Maniriho On the 6th of April 1994, the small African republic was involved in one of the fastest and most systematic genocides in history: one million deaths in just 100 days. Augustin is Hutu, and he must kill. Cécile is Tutsi, and she must die. However, something gives them the strength to do the right thing and accomplish a very brave act never to be forgotten: Saving many innocent civilian lives. What happened during that bloody spring changed not only Augustin’s and Cécile’s life, but also the one of two young actors called to interpret them on a stage boards many years later. Based on a true story

Riccardo Salvetti
Riccardo Salvetti, Marco Cortesi, Mara Moschini
Massimo Gardini, Marco Cortesi
Key Cast
Marco Cortesi, Mara Moschini, Aaron Maccharty, Rosanna Sparapano