Night Reflections

A journey on the water, from the headlights of the vaporetto, new realities of light emerge.

Darkness squeezes human artifacts, thinning their boundaries.

The faint lights persist in their artificial presence.

Constructions resting on a broken mirror.

Fragments return images, distorted and complex.

Existing realities, but hidden from view, emerge.

The light is Byzantine decoration, lightning in the night, vision in the dark.

Bridges are patterns sewn on a tablecloth, houses on the water are wallpaper, “calli” (streets) and canals black chains.

Image expansion.

In the postcard city, always the same at the eyes of tired lovers, emergence of senses for fleeing souls.

Director-Author: Paolo Pandin
Soundtrack: Andreij Rublev (Andrea Gava)
Genres: Videoclip – Experimental
Runtime: 4 minutes 43 seconds
Language: English
Subtitles: No subtitles