Ludovico De Luigi – Svedutista Visionario Veneziano

Maestro Ludovico De Luigi, through the story and images of his eccentric life, reveals his artistic inspiration and the secrets of his soul with generosity of details. The paintings created by his timeless imagination are entirely dedicated to his beloved Venice and to the extreme attempt to save it. His paintings and colossal bronze horses scattered throughout the continents are visionary and instinctively exciting. The message, that comes forcefully from the creative inspiration and the free and vital energy of the Maestro, is that the only thing that can save us from oblivion is the beauty.

Cast: Ludovico De Luigi; Enzo Di Martino; Chiara Ravagnan; Maria Grazia Moroni; Fiorella Mancini

Director: Stefania Soellner

Genres: Documentary

Runtime: 52 minutes 45 seconds

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English