Kalavrìa – the Calabrian Greeks land

Did you know Greeks are still in Calabria? We are talking about a small group of villages where peaple are still retaining the Greek language in order not to lose the cultural roots that still make their world today, after 2700 years, a world of culture, mountains, agriculture, sheep-farming and handicrafts, a world considered too slow by the global economy to be expected and, therefore, abandoned to itself.Project descriptionWe went there, between the coast and the mountains most south of the Italian peninsula, not where everything ends, but where everything began. We did shoot beautiful images with breathtaking views, interviewed Greeks of Calabria trying to describe an almost lost world atmosphere, but still alive, witnessing the cultural and artistic peaks that this unfortunate part of Europe has reached.We are filming a documentary. More specifically, we are creating a document. A mix of images, stories, traditions, music and paths that can offer the beauty of a whole world enclosed in one only work.To tell “Grecanic Area” we have decided to go through it all along and out, starting from its modernity on the coast to the summits of its mountain tradition, breathing the charming atmosphere of the valley of the river Amendolea, the streets of Roghudi Vecchio and the stories of which was theater, and the architectural beauties of Bova. We have been working on this project for three years, documenting the various events of Hellenism that the summer offers, from hiking / interviews to the “Greek week lessons”, to the new museum of Rholfs to Gallicianò, magical place where one feels a still alive language that, despite the venerable age, seeks in all ways not to disappear.

davide carbone
davide carbone, freedom pentimalli
davide carbone, freedom pentimalli
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