Robert, an independent actor, decides to finish writing the fragments of a script left behind by his son, Conrad, who was kidnapped by the military five years ago.
He asks his director friend, Kiki, to direct the film. He and Kiki, as well, decide to act as the lead actors in the film.
The shooting of the film is stalled a number of times because Robert does not know how
to end the film. This is because he refuses to acknowledge that he still resents Conrad’s having chosen the movement over him.
Like all the relatives of the disappeared or “desaparecidos”, Robert still hopes to
eventually find his son. He keeps Conrad’s room the way it was the day he disappeared.
He writes unsent letters that he keeps in a drawer. He joins endless rallies. He
identifies exhumed corpses, hoping yet fighting against hope that it could be
his son.
In the meantime, Kiki, a lesbian living in with her partner, is involved in a losing
battle for custody for her two children. Eventually his American ex-husband absconds
their children and leaves for the States.
Together, Robert and Kiki grapple with issues of self-guilt as they also try to see
how far film can, and can not, address personal and social issues, in a society
that in all impunity has reduced people to numbers.

McArthur Alejandre

Ricky Lee

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2 hours 5 minutes 28 seconds

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