What does aging mean in a society when lives become longer? Two young filmmakers follow four regulars of Hamburg’s FALTENROCK party scene where you have to be over 60 to get in. Mechthild, Christiane and Volker and Christian fly to China, love the symmetry of their bux tree, they volunteer for refugees and disappear into the realm of Facebook for three hours at a time. Dealing with our own vision of age, always means confronting society’s image of it. The documentary FALTENROCK wants to move between those images and challenge our own ideas about retirement. Do we need a new definition of “old”? Empathizing with different lifeworlds also means understanding that anything is possible. Only one thing is certain: Retirement doesn’t mean that life is coming to a standstill.

Directors: Leonie Kock, Janina Rasch
Editors: Robert Falckenberg, Leonie Kock, Janina Rasch
Camera: Leonie Kock, Kevin Lausen, Janina Rasch
Genres: comedy, drama, aging, dance, community
Runtime: 83 min
L: German
SUB: English