Ciao, Luca

Andrea Di Giovanni suffers a stroke at the age of 71, on December 13th 2016. He says his last words on his hospital bed to his son Luca, young actor: “Ciao, Luca”. The sudden loss brings Luca back on his feet on the harsh stage of everyday life.
Only three months later the desperate need to get past the grief brings Luca to start the Ciao, Luca Italy Tour, a photographic travelling project which immortalizes he and his dad in 110 art shots. During six months (from March to September 2017) Luca travels alone to visit 110 cities, all italian provincial capitals.
In the eight months that follow his return Luca pursues a new goal: to relate his experience in a one man show. When he finally stages his monologue on May 4th 2018 he’s not satisfied anymore: he’d realised that making a movie is the best way to tell the story of his everyday life during the last year and half in all its complexity. Writing this film becomes his new obsession.
After two months of exhausting writing sessions, on July the 9th 2018 Luca has a nervous breakdown due to a very intense depressive crisis. He must stop. Few days after his faint, Luca quit the idea of producing his film in a canonical way and decides to turn it into a documentary. He begins to shoot without a script nor a precise idea of what is going to happen, and starts another road trip through Italy followed only by a boom and a camera operator. His new goal: to meet and talk with the most important people of his life.
This is how the complex genesis of the film becomes Ciao, Luca itself: conversating with his relatives Luca appears as himself, but in the film he’s not just an actor, author and director. He’s a 37 years old son trying to become a man by revealing the mystery of his father’s life.
Ciao, Luca is a journey in the search of lost time, where road movie meets coming of age. Will the enquiring power of cinema and the affection of his beloved ones help Luca to give a name to his and his father’s story?

Original and international title: Ciao, Luca
Country Italia
Year 2019
Duration 72 minuti
Genre Documentario
Produced by Luca Di Giovanni
Onlus Ceralaccha
Ravic Film
Carla Signoris
director Luca Di Giovanni
screenplay Luca Di Giovanni
camera operator Lorenzo Giovenga
boom operator Jacopo Lattanzio
director Luca Di Giovanni
camera operator Lorenzo Giovenga
boom operator Jacopo Lattanzio
executive producer Luca Di Giovanni
editing Lorenzo Giovenga
archive footage Bianca Friscelli
Alessandro Codina
Andrea Baroni
colorist Alessandro Rocchi
graphic Alessandro Codina
sound designer Jacopo Lattanzio
sound mix Federico Tummolo
studio mix Guru Sound
original score Matteo Cona
Corrado Maria De Santis
Augusto Pallocca
Matteo Soru
english subtitles David Graham
movie poster Manfredi Ciminale