Untitled (Sans Titre)

Jules is about to publish his first novel but cannot find the right title with his publisher. He therefore decides to go to Lisbon to convince the greatest title writer to find him one for free. The old man finally accepts but offers him a very strange deal…

Clément de Dadelsen

Clément de Dadelsen

Clément de Dadelsen

La Compagnie de la Flibuste

Arthur Provost
Key Cast

Bérénice Coudy
Key Cast

Christian de Dadelsen
Key Cast

Joffrey Monteiro-Noël
Key Cast
“the Publisher”

Benoît Chauvin
Key Cast

Project Type:

Romantic Comedy, Comedy of manners

24 minutes 4 seconds



Mondo Hollywoodland

A groovy mushrooms dealer and a man from the fifth dimension journey through Hollywood to find the meaning of the word ‘Mondo.’ Shot on an iPhone.

Janek Ambros
Janek Ambros
Chris Blim
Marcus Hart
Janek Ambros
Kelly Parker
Chris Blim
Barry Shay
Key Cast
Chris Blim
Key Cast
Alex Loynaz
Key Cast
Jessica Jade Andres
Key Cast
Alyssa Sabo
Key Cast

1 hour 29 minutes



I am Fatou

Fatou is a 23-year-old Italian girl of Senegalese origin. She lives in a suburb of Rome with his mother, who would like to educate according to the rigid impositions of her culture of origin. But Fatou is looking for her own identity that combines his black Muslim being with Italian society, and unlike most of his peers, the social stigma of the immigrant is imprinted on her, who isolates her and reduces her friendships with other young children of foreigners. Her authentic passion and screen against prejudice is singing: music is what will never betray herself.

Amir Ramadan

Amir Ramadan

Giulio Baraldi

Fatou Sokhna
Key Cast

Nar Gada Gaye
Key Cast
“Fatou’s mother”

Riccardo Petrozzi
Key Cast
“The man in the street”

Martino Onorato

Daniele Nozzi

Project Type:

18 minutes 12 seconds

Afrikaans, Italian


Silence to silence

The contrasts of a couple are metaphorically represented by a duel of fencing, the so-called love skirmishes. Only at the end will the dispute end and reveal the faces of the two protagonists.

Daniele Gangemi
Daniele Gangemi
Mario Venuti
Donatella Finocchiaro
Key Cast
Mario Venuti
Key Cast
Daniele Gangemi
Alessandro La Fauci

Project Type:
Music Video

4 minutes 13 seconds



Buried Seeds

Buried Seeds, a film by Andrei Severny, is a timeless and true story of human passion, willpower, and resolve in the face of adversity. The film follows Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna on his journey as an immigrant.
Born with clubbed feet in Amritsar, Vikas is bullied by his classmates. Khanna takes refuge in his grandmothers kitchen and discovers his passion for the vivid traditions of Indian cuisine.
At the age of 29, Vikas moves to New York with nothing in his pocket and ends up in a homeless shelter. Through years of struggle and hard work Vikas opens his first Indian restaurant in Manhattan.
Vikas Khanna grows to become one of the most influential chefs in the world and a cultural ambassador of his nation. While wealth and glory may be transient, what truly defines him is the will to create himself every single day.

Andrei Severny

Vikas Khanna
Key Cast

Documentary, Biography

1 hour 14 minutes



The One and Only Jewish Miss America

“The One and Only Jewish Miss America” is the surprising story of Bess Myerson, the talented beauty queen from the Bronx, and how she won the world’s most famous beauty pageant 75 years ago, at the tail end of World War II. The film follows Bess, the middle daughter of poor Russian immigrants, from her childhood in a one-bedroom Jewish housing project apartment through the suspense-filled pageant. Impressed by the college-educated musician, the judges chose her in spite of anonymous threatening phone calls and sponsor disapproval of a Jewish pageant winner. On her 1945 Miss America tour, Bess faced antisemitism and closed doors at race-restricted venues which did not allow Jews. It is also a story of courage as her disappointment turned to determination, leading Bess Myerson to start her own tour to teach tolerance at high schools and colleges around the country — a tour which launched her lifelong passion for justice.

David Arond

Codi Ruttenbur

David Arond

Barra Grant
Key Cast

Project Type:

51 minutes



Fine Dying

Chef Arthur, who is very sensitive to nature, is entertaining an important jury for dinner. Arthur who does yoga and kisses his flowers every morning turns into another character when he puts the chef apron on. He turns the kitchen into a battlefield while trying to cook the best food for the juries. There is no trace of this naïve man anymore. Arthur who is not even able to hurt a fly does not keep away from murdering animals and sacrificing anything for flavour when he steps into the kitchen.

Umut Evirgen
Umut Evirgen
Umut Evirgen
Burak Yamantürk
Key Cast
Hazer Amani
Key Cast
Seda Akman
Key Cast

Project Type:
15 minutes


Duality Dream

In a dream scape, a masquerade is about to begin. Inside a mystic room filled with mirrors, under the watchful care of courtesans, a sensual lady prepares herself for a battle of wits and charms. The prize? A King for the night.
Her rival shares her heart’s desire and is equally prepared to match her in every way over a game of chess. The question is, which of the two will take the other’s prize of the night?

Tarek Sursock

Raphaella Sanches
Key Cast

Project Type:

5 minutes 13 seconds



Leonardo, an Italian immigrant who lives in New York, marries a Latina woman, Nikki, to obtain the American greencard. Through the comedy of it all Nikki and Leo fall in love “for real” but it looks like “Uncle Sam” will be the one to have the last laugh.

Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

James Ivory (Collaboration)

Stephen Gibler

James Ivory

Giorgio Arcelli Fontana
Key Cast

Dance Again With Me, Heywood
Lori Hammel

Key Cast
“Ms. Strozzi”

Project Type:

14 minutes 45 seconds

Country of Origin:

Country of Filming:
United States




Robert, an independent actor, decides to finish writing the fragments of a script left behind by his son, Conrad, who was kidnapped by the military five years ago.
He asks his director friend, Kiki, to direct the film. He and Kiki, as well, decide to act as the lead actors in the film.
The shooting of the film is stalled a number of times because Robert does not know how
to end the film. This is because he refuses to acknowledge that he still resents Conrad’s having chosen the movement over him.
Like all the relatives of the disappeared or “desaparecidos”, Robert still hopes to
eventually find his son. He keeps Conrad’s room the way it was the day he disappeared.
He writes unsent letters that he keeps in a drawer. He joins endless rallies. He
identifies exhumed corpses, hoping yet fighting against hope that it could be
his son.
In the meantime, Kiki, a lesbian living in with her partner, is involved in a losing
battle for custody for her two children. Eventually his American ex-husband absconds
their children and leaves for the States.
Together, Robert and Kiki grapple with issues of self-guilt as they also try to see
how far film can, and can not, address personal and social issues, in a society
that in all impunity has reduced people to numbers.

McArthur Alejandre

Ricky Lee

Project Title (Original Language):

Project Type:

2 hours 5 minutes 28 seconds

Country of Origin:

Country of Filming:



Barê Giran (The Heavy Burden)

AVDEL feeds his family with the salary of the donkey BOZO who works in the sanitation service of the city of Mardin in Turkey. It also houses his nephew SALIH, who fled Syria. When the “old BOZO” is retired by the municipality, Avdel must find a younger donkey to keep his job. To help his uncle, Salih crosses the Syrian border to bring back his own donkey, which he had to leave because of the war. But to accomplish this mission, he must cross the minefields.

Cast: Adil Abdurrahman (Avdel), Saman Mustafa (Salih), Nazmi Kırık (Manager), M. Ali Arpa (Jiro)
Director: Yılmaz Özdil
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 17 mins.
Language: Kurdish/Turkish
Subtitles: English



During the days of preparation leading up to an international gaming event in London, two socially inept gamers find themselves having to somehow refine their social skills.
Cast: Thomas Kadman, Francesco Salvi, Gina Laline, Malalai Zikria, Olayinka Giwa
Director: Thomas Kadman
Genre: Romantic, drama, comedy
Runtime: 1h48mins
Language: English
Subtitles: Ita


Dimmi quando tu verrai

Sinossi: L’amore, il dolore, l’imprevisto e la gioia di quattro donne in un giorno qualsiasi.

Cast: Vera Tosoni (la bambina), Viola Bronzi (adolescente), Consolata Paracchi (la donna), Carla Colavolpe (signora anziana), Johnny Lodi (l’uomo).

Directors: Piero Bronzi, Guido Ciavola.

Music: Claudio Riggio

Genres: Drammatico.

Linguaggio: Italiano.

Subtitles: Inglese.


Manifesting Greatness – A True Story by Raz Degan

Raz Degan was struggling in NY hoping to land that elusive ticket to stardom. Until one day he received a call from the other side of the globe that would change his life forever. Today, 25 years later, Degan unveils the unique experience of discovering his dream had manifested, but was the last to find out.

In the mid 90’s, Raz traveled to Italy to shoot a TV commercial for the iconic liquor brand, Jägermeister. After the shoot, he returned to NY to pursue his dreams. Little did Raz know, that commercial he landed in Italy would steal the hearts of many and eventually become an Italian cultural phenomenon that would strike him with incredible fame overnight. The irony of the tale was that almost a year went by before he found out he had become famous and was in great demand on the other side of the globe.

Today, Degan reunites with the German liquor brand to launch their new premium liquor called MANIFEST. Written, produced and directed by Degan himself, the short doc is a true account of how Raz “manifested” his own dreams through his Jägermeister experience. This authentic story of life’s unexpected twists and turns will take viewers on an exciting journey through space and time.

Director Biography – Raz Degan9b73114da5 headshot
Raz Degan, actor, director, cinematographer, TV show host, and travel photographer, is a versatile artist with a vast and diverse body of work to his credit. As an actor, Degan appeared in numerous films, and was directed, among others, by Oliver Stone, Julie Taymor, Robert Altman and Italian maestro Ermanno Olmi. As a cinematographer he was involved with the documentary “The Green Prince”, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Recently, Raz’s feature documentary “The Last Shaman” which he directed and wrote, was executive produced by Leonardo di Caprio and released on Netflix globally in 2017. The same year, Degan won the Italian version of Survivor, and continued to host his own adventure/documentary series, “Raz and the Tribe” for SKY networks in 2018. Throughout 2019/20 he continued his charity work for the United Nations Refugee Agency as UNHCR Ambassador supporting the “Educate a Child Project”. Degan’s photography collection spans over 100 countries world wide, has appeared in various magazines and is currently working on his first photo/autobiography book with Gruppo Mondadori Editore.

Director Statement
In a time before smart phones, social media or reality TV even existed I had the intuition to capture on super 16mm film the incredulous events that were unfolding before my eyes. My life was literally exploding, and I wanted to share the experience with others. The set up a small crew that followed me around for several weeks across the US, Europe and Australia. We had a blast. But the footage never amounted to anything, and ended up lost in a basement. Flash-forward 25 years, the opportunity to reunite with Jägermeister to launch their new premium liquor came around. When I was told the product’s name was MANIFEST, it was apparent to me I had to find that footage.

By juxtaposing archive shots from the 90’s with footage from today, my goal was to ultimately inspire viewers and capture the essence of the amazing 90’s through my personal journey: one that spontaneously embodies the Jägermeister MANIFEST brand philosophies and the power of real-life manifestation.

Ciao, Luca

Andrea Di Giovanni suffers a stroke at the age of 71, on December 13th 2016. He says his last words on his hospital bed to his son Luca, young actor: “Ciao, Luca”. The sudden loss brings Luca back on his feet on the harsh stage of everyday life.
Only three months later the desperate need to get past the grief brings Luca to start the Ciao, Luca Italy Tour, a photographic travelling project which immortalizes he and his dad in 110 art shots. During six months (from March to September 2017) Luca travels alone to visit 110 cities, all italian provincial capitals.
In the eight months that follow his return Luca pursues a new goal: to relate his experience in a one man show. When he finally stages his monologue on May 4th 2018 he’s not satisfied anymore: he’d realised that making a movie is the best way to tell the story of his everyday life during the last year and half in all its complexity. Writing this film becomes his new obsession.
After two months of exhausting writing sessions, on July the 9th 2018 Luca has a nervous breakdown due to a very intense depressive crisis. He must stop. Few days after his faint, Luca quit the idea of producing his film in a canonical way and decides to turn it into a documentary. He begins to shoot without a script nor a precise idea of what is going to happen, and starts another road trip through Italy followed only by a boom and a camera operator. His new goal: to meet and talk with the most important people of his life.
This is how the complex genesis of the film becomes Ciao, Luca itself: conversating with his relatives Luca appears as himself, but in the film he’s not just an actor, author and director. He’s a 37 years old son trying to become a man by revealing the mystery of his father’s life.
Ciao, Luca is a journey in the search of lost time, where road movie meets coming of age. Will the enquiring power of cinema and the affection of his beloved ones help Luca to give a name to his and his father’s story?

Original and international title: Ciao, Luca
Country Italia
Year 2019
Duration 72 minuti
Genre Documentario
Produced by Luca Di Giovanni
Onlus Ceralaccha
Ravic Film
Carla Signoris
director Luca Di Giovanni
screenplay Luca Di Giovanni
camera operator Lorenzo Giovenga
boom operator Jacopo Lattanzio
director Luca Di Giovanni
camera operator Lorenzo Giovenga
boom operator Jacopo Lattanzio
executive producer Luca Di Giovanni
editing Lorenzo Giovenga
archive footage Bianca Friscelli
Alessandro Codina
Andrea Baroni
colorist Alessandro Rocchi
graphic Alessandro Codina
sound designer Jacopo Lattanzio
sound mix Federico Tummolo
studio mix Guru Sound
original score Matteo Cona
Corrado Maria De Santis
Augusto Pallocca
Matteo Soru
english subtitles David Graham
movie poster Manfredi Ciminale



Mr. Zhou, in order to purchase the VIP membership of a nursing home, wants to seize the opportunity of the relocation of his house by arranging a fake marriage with Mrs. Dong to acquire more money out of the compensation.
But Mrs. Dong, fearing karma, has her doubts all along. Zhou Ping, Mr. Zhou’s son, on the other hand, sees the relocation as an opportunity to buy a school estate for his daughter.
Yun, Mrs. Dong’s nanny who’s from Sichuan Province, is suddenly informed that her brother has been hit by a car in her hometown, and, therefore, in urgent need of 100,000 RMB to pay for the operation. When she comes to know of Mr. Zhou’s plan of the “fake marriage”, she offers to help him out but asks for 100,000 RMB in advance. Having learned about her father-in-law’s intention of marrying Mrs. Dong, Huang Lili, Zhou Ping’s wife, has stolen his household register. As a result, Mr. Zhou, when he is about to give the bankbook with a deposit of 100,000 to Yun, finds that his household register is gone in which the bankbook is tucked.
In the meantime, Mrs. Dong is suffering from a fall after an eye operation and her daughter finds out that Yun has been seeing doctors using her mother’s Medicare card.
Unable to get in touch with her, Yun’s husband who has been in the countryside has also arrived in Shanghai…

Cast: Xu Cai Gen, Huang Lu,
Director: Oliver Yan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 101
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English, Chinese


Scimmia Divina – La tragedia dei pezzenti (Divine Monkey – The tragedy of the beggars)

Vicenza, 1978. A man reads a newspaper. An article catches his attention: the corpses of a painter and a boy, belonging to a cult of alienated fools, are found in an elegant house of the upper middle class. The article reconstructs the obscure and grotesque story of this cult, permeated with bizarre characters: a double-lived swindling doctor, a confused paraplegic painter, an ambiguous girl who practices esoteric rituals.

Alessandro Ferrini Director
Martino Sartori Director
Scimmia DivinaDirector
Gianmaria Sisca Writer
Martino Sartori Writer
Alessandro Ferrini Writer
Alessandro Ferrini Producer
Gianmaria Sisca Producer
Martino Sartori Producer
Gianmaria Sisca Key Cast
Davide Marcolin Key Cast
Alessandro Ferrini Key Cast
Georide Fontana Key Cast
Odilla Pillan Key Cast
Matteo Paiusco Key Cast
Anastasia Sinigur Key Cast
Patrizia Lovato Key Cast
Andrea Bevilacqua Key Cast
Raffaele Frigo Key Cast
Guido Lamberti Key Cast
Angie Flaxen Key Cast

Directors: Alessandro Ferrini, Martino Sartori

Genres: Noir, Grotesque, Pulp, Expressionism

Runtime: 1h 30m 59s

Language: Italian

Subtitle: English



Where is the “eastern” border of Europe? How is “the Russian soul”, today, 100 years after what Dostoïevski wrote about Europe?
The film will bring us to the “far east” of the European continent.
In the train from Moscow to Vladivostok: 9282 km with the mythical trans-Siberian train. Across 12 cities and small villages, where we will stop during this journey. With a French camerawoman and two Russian women for the sound and translation.
40 days and 40 nights in Russia, where I am confronted to more than one hundred Russians.
What are their feelings, in 2018, regarding Europe, the European border and do they have an European feeling?
Many answers and amazing feelings….
A fireman in Kazan, a writer from Irkutsk, a little girl in the train in Siberia, a tiger tamer in the Urals, me at the Emergency Room in Tyumen, in a bar during the football’s world cup final in Novosibirsk, a worker of Omsk, where Dostoïevski spent four years of his life in jail…

Director: Laurent CANCHES

Genre(s): Documentary

Runtime: 92 mn

Language: Russian, English, fernch

Subtitles : English


Wrestlove – L’amore combattuto

Sinossi: Monica e Karim, la prima coppia Italiana di wrestler negli Stati Uniti. Miss Monica, nome d’arte
di Monica Passeri – 24 anni – si è trasferita, giovanissima, da Caprara, piccolo paese in Abruzzo,
in Missouri insieme al suo compagno Karim Bartoli, anche lui wrestler professionista che
combatte con il nome di Karim Brigante – 25 anni, romano, ma abruzzese d’adozione.
Partiti dall’Italia, hanno frequentato a Troy, in Missouri, la più importante accademia di
Wrestling – la Harley Race Wrestling Academy – che ha permesso loro di costruirsi una carriera
internazionale: dalla World League Wrestling sono riusciti ad arrivare allo show di punta della
WWE, anche per la National Wrestling Alliance federazione storica di proprietà della rockstar
Billy Corgan. Coppia nella vita e sul ring, viaggiano soli per difendere i loro titoli nei circuiti indie americani.
Durante la permanenza in Abruzzo rendono omaggio alla statua di Bruno Sammartino – “The
Living Legend”, un’icona del wrestling americano – nella sua città natale, Pizzoferrato. Oltre
a difendere i loro titoli, in Italia approfittano per visite e controlli sanitari, a causa dell’elevato
costo delle cure mediche americane. Monica ritrova la famiglia, Karim, invece, deve fare i conti
col suo passato e il tempo è poco prima di ripartire nuovamente.

Cast: Karim Bartoli interpreta Karim Brigante
Monica Passeri interpreta Miss Monica
Genere: Documentario
Durata: 70′
Lingua: Italiano


I Guerrieri

This is the story of a family and its journey. This family is mine.
I had just finished training to become a filmmaker, when after 17 years of struggle, my father enters into the final stage of Parkinson’s disease.
I decide to borrow a camera and leave for Italy to film my father and family’s last Christmas together.
On the TV of the family cafe, the Maya announce the end of the world …
Is this the beginning of the end…? or just bullshit!
My father decides to live and fight for another two years.
We have supported him without limits.
The hospital room becomes our new home, warm and welcoming: card games, loud laughter and euphoric dances … all accompanied by the indelible songs of Adriano Celentano… Our actual house, on the contrary, becomes a sad and abandoned place, where family members prepare themselves several times for the funeral and where they are continually challenged.
Mine is an introspective journey in search of my origins and my future.
I Guerrieri is an Italian painting of our humanity facing the separation from the loved ones.

Director: Loredana Acquaviva
Runtime: 51:50′
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English and French



Synopsis: A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.
Cast: Aurélie Pitrat, Sylvain Geray, Hanna Fiedrich
Director: Joan Bentosela
Genre: psychology, thriller
Runtime: 13′
Language: French
Subtitles: Italian, English, German, Spanish


Charlie ( Károly)

An everyday situation, shopping for glasses, turns into a surreal affair. In a claustrophobic world, the optometrist, the grandson and the grandfather wrestle and there is only one way out. Because that gun has been loaded for too long.
In this modern adaptation of Slawomir Mrozek’s eternal play, Charlie, political hatred leaves the online sphere to walk straight in through the door.
Cast: Antal Cserna, Gusztáv Molnár, Károly Horváth, Alexandra Lancz
Director: Robert Koroknyai
Runtime: 15:50
Language: Hungarian – English subtitle


Marika Hackman – Hand Solo

Synopsis: Music promo for Marika Hackman’s song ‘Hand Solo’ – a much needed anthem to female masturbation. The film explores the overwhelmingly phallic environment of architecture, teasing out the yonic shapes within it.

Made by a production crew of 85% women, and movement directed by Eve Fehilly, a sexpert from London’s famous SH! store, Hand Solo builds towards an Earth shattering orgasm before sharing real testimonials about masturbation and shame. It’s evident that even in 2020 we still have a long way to go to undo the taboos of self love.

Cast: Evie Fehilly, Dineo More, Helena Jerreat, Lesley Westrop, Daisy Rylance, Jay Brown, Rebecca Song, Miriam Wakeling

Director: Sam Bailey

Genre: Music Promo

Runtime: 3.52

Language: English

Subtitles: no.



Synopsis: A boy; lost and forgotten. He must chase himself to find his lost side in the empty city he lives in.
Cast: Sarp Ozkaracalar
Director: Zion Lacroix
Genre: Music Video, Lo-fi
Runtime: 03.13 mins
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: English


Kourtney of Parkdale

A day in the kooky life of a street hustler from Toronto as she struggles to find herself amid colorful neighborhood characters. / Luke Slade as Kourtney, Keisha Drummond as Brooklyn, Darcy Corbett as Shorty, AJ Jaywar as Pumpkin, Jaclyn Michelle as Honeybunny / Razvan Anton/ Short Film,Surrealist Film/ 20 minutes/ English/ No subtitles



Synopsis: “Il caos ci rende vivi, il destino morti.” Tre momenti, tre personaggi, la stessa persona. Il passato ci modella, cambia il presente e distorce il futuro. Non possiamo scappare dagli eventi, creano i mostri che definiscono chi siamo. Uno shock subito dal personaggio durante la sua infanzia lo segnerà per il resto della sua vita.

Cast: Bruno Memoli, Titti Nuzzolese, Gabriele Savarese, Margherita Romeo, Noemi Cognigni,
Federica Valente, Antonio Gargiulo, Francesco Schiariti, Filippo Posillipo, Sara Viola

Director: Giacomo Morlando
Genres: Drama, Experimental
Runtime: 19′
Language: Italiano
Subtitles: Eng


Sui Generis

Our story talks about a man’s worlds being interrupted by an atypical, exuberant female character, unique in its genre and so sui generis.
The female character is called Greta, she is going to break the already unstable situation of a male domestic scenario. Greta’s attitude is going to discuss the standards and overturn the prejudices about gender identity.

Federica Garavaglia as Greta
Giuseppe Sartori as Bruno
Simone Baldassari as Tommaso

Directed by Elisabetta Zecca

Comedy – Drama – Fiction

21 min 13 sec




One In 50 Million

Nawaal Akram is a fairy on wheels, a witty wise water sprite made to live in the desert. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Distrophy, a rare chromosomal mutation in women ( only one in 50 million), she uses fashion, make-up, and stand-up comedy as a platform for her activism. Her gradually debilitating health does not seem to affect her energy and zest for life, but her body has already started to fail her. At 19, she’s conscious of her imminent destiny and lives more intensely than ever.
with Nawaal Akram
Written, Directed and Produced by Luciana Ceccatto Farah
Short Documentary. 15’04”
English with English subtitles


Ludovico De Luigi – Svedutista Visionario Veneziano

Maestro Ludovico De Luigi, through the story and images of his eccentric life, reveals his artistic inspiration and the secrets of his soul with generosity of details. The paintings created by his timeless imagination are entirely dedicated to his beloved Venice and to the extreme attempt to save it. His paintings and colossal bronze horses scattered throughout the continents are visionary and instinctively exciting. The message, that comes forcefully from the creative inspiration and the free and vital energy of the Maestro, is that the only thing that can save us from oblivion is the beauty.

Cast: Ludovico De Luigi; Enzo Di Martino; Chiara Ravagnan; Maria Grazia Moroni; Fiorella Mancini

Director: Stefania Soellner

Genres: Documentary

Runtime: 52 minutes 45 seconds

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English


La Petite Folie

Occupied Paris 1943. A group of misfits, comrades in the underground bohemian lifestyle, come together to defy the oppression of the new world order. As a group, they take one final stand to prove the resilience of the human spirit. / Tarryn Meaker, Adrian Klein, Carsten Clemens, Ray Gelato, Annie Walker / Massimo Zannoni / comedy, drama / 12:33 minutes / English / available in English, Italian, French



Synopsis: When love can hurt and be dangerous, when men can be violent and become crazy, when women have no way to defend themself there is nothing left on earth.
Osuba is a visual expression and emotional trip about this huge problem in the world.
Violence, anger, obsession, fear, war all this can start easy and quick.
Cast: Giulia Petrini, Mirko Della Zanna
Director: Federico Marsicano
Genres: Drama
Runtime:5minutes 42 seconds


Censoring Nuremberg

Private Arnold Joseph, A German Jew from Saarbrücken, served in the US Army as a censor of mail to and from prisoners at the Nuremberg Trials from 1945 into 1946. After the trials, Arnie settled in Columbus, Ohio, where he pursued undergraduate and graduate studies at The Ohio State University. Dr. Joseph taught French at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, from 1963 until his retirement in 1990. Cast: Arnold Joseph / Directors: Tim Raycroft and David Bussan / Short Documentary / 15 min. / English


Where Dreams Rest

Synopsis: Ah Wei, a young woman from rural China, decides to cross the U.S.-Mexico border through the underground tunnel to reunite with her husband in the United States. She soon realizes the journey is not about the crossing, but about mending the discrepancies between expectations and reality once she gets there./
Cast: Michelle Sun, Zhan Wang
Director: Elaine Wong
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 15:43
Language: Chinese, English, Spanish
Subtitles: Chinese, English



A renegade band of females stages an execution of rapists and killers in a classroom

Cast: Natalia Plaza, Yana Bron, Chiara De Caroli, Lieselotte Nickmans, Vilma Hodo, Josephine Cooper, Adia Smith -Eriksson, Elly Han

Stavit Allweis

Experimental, Drama, Underground, Arthouse





Rony Roller Circus, Life & Magic

To pay homage to circus art, to highlight its life and everyday life by trying to remove the easy prejudice that hovers around this world. “Rony Roller Circus – Life & Magic”, the documentary by the filmmaker Giacomo A. Iacolenna, with the patronage of the ENC (National Circus Authority), also addresses the theme of the hard clash between circus and animal rights activists.
In the work of Iacolenna the reality of a small community in which the strength of mind, the openness, the sharing and the integration between different cultures, are the foundations of a different and still poorly studied lifestyle.
All is narrated by the exponents of a historian and ancient circus family: the Vassallo’s.
The aim of this work is to fascinate the viewer by giving emotions and bringing the minds to reflect from a point of view totally thrown compared to the conventions, removing controversy.
It is a slice of genuine life, exciting and moving features; a reality that many ignore, but from which, in all likelihood, will be fascinated.
The background, in the images, is followed by the photographic work “The Fabulous Destiny of Dainaly” by Liliana Ranalletta, on the everyday life of Dainaly, an autistic girl who has found her place in the universe in the circus, its truest dimension, mirror of his deep inner world full of sounds, shapes, colors and magic.

Rony Vassallo, Alberto Vassallo, Daniela Vassallo, Aris Martini, Dorothy Picard, Antonio Buccioni, Liliana Ranalletta, Barbara Cavedo, Susan Jasters

Giacomo A. Iacolenna


1h 03min