Barê Giran (The Heavy Burden)

AVDEL feeds his family with the salary of the donkey BOZO who works in the sanitation service of the city of Mardin in Turkey. It also houses his nephew SALIH, who fled Syria. When the “old BOZO” is retired by the municipality, Avdel must find a younger donkey to keep his job. To help his uncle, Salih crosses the Syrian border to bring back his own donkey, which he had to leave because of the war. But to accomplish this mission, he must cross the minefields.

Cast: Adil Abdurrahman (Avdel), Saman Mustafa (Salih), Nazmi Kırık (Manager), M. Ali Arpa (Jiro)
Director: Yılmaz Özdil
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 17 mins.
Language: Kurdish/Turkish
Subtitles: English