Ilinca, an eight-year old orphan discovers God and starts praying for a family. A possible adoptive father appears at the orphanage, but his intentions are not the best. Ilinca’s magical thinking and purity make her an easy target. After he lies and rapes two of the girls (Ilinca and Sofita) in the orphanage, a strange friendship forms between these girls. They start thinking of themselves as angels who do not feel pain, so they tease and test each other. Ilinca finds out her new friend will be adopted and is only consoled when Sofita brings her a puppy as a new friend. Together, they try to see if the puppy is an angel as well and kill it accidentally. Sofita is refused by her adoptive family and Ilinca realizes she has to do anything in her power to make the family take her. She runs to their feet and prays to God that they understand their way of thinking, as it was influenced by the rapist. In the end, the family decides to adopt both girls.
Ilinca – Thea Antonia Tocan
Sofița – Alexia Ioana Frăsineanu
Doamna – Marcela Motoc
Nenea Viorel – Teodor Ghiță
Mama adoptivă – Victoria Răileanu
Tatăl adoptiv – Conrad Mericoffer

Ștefana Popa

Short film/Drama