Alephia 2053

An animation thriller set in Alephia, a fictional dystopian Arab country in 2053.
Race against time to uncover the source of a cyberattack that has infiltrated and exposed the most secure surveillance systems of the most sophisticated and authoritarian regime in history.

Upon the suicide of his sister and imprisonment of his mother, Majd a senior security officer accesses information containing the truth about his father, a decorated hero of Alephia.
With the celebrations of the centennial of the Aleph Dynasty ascension to power under way, Majd is suddenly confronted with the truth about the cyberattacks of Alephia’s systems, his father’s past and the choices he must make.

Three intertwined stories, take us through life in futuristic Alephia, a dystopian country ruled over by a despotic tyrant reading the transition of power to his son at the centennial of his family’s rule. Mayyar, a teenager escaping poverty and police brutality in his ghetto, sets a police chase that embroils Major Majd and Soumaya, the head of Alephia’s cybersecurity, a web of events that forces Majd to face the truth about his past and decide the fate of his future.

Created By Rabi’ Sweidan
Directed by Jorj Abou Mhayya
Executive Producers: Rabi’ Sweidan, Marwan Harb, Jules Kassas
Original Story: Rabi’ Sweidan, Marwan Harb
Screenplay: Bassem Breiche
Creative Director: Jules Kassas
Production Manager: Inès Salloum
Editor: Sebastien Leclercq
Music and Sound Design: Karim Khneisser
Animation Studio: Malil’Art

Khaled El Sayed, Ali Saad, Gihan Malla, Gamal Hamdan, Joumana Zonji

Runtime: 59 minutes
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish