About Strangers (road series volume one)

ABOUT STRANGERS is an ethereal and meditative journey that follows a disillusioned and apathetic GUY, a drifter making his way through the callous streets of Los Angeles. A chance encounter on the Sunset Strip sparks a connection with the equally disenchanted LULU and LEXIE, who also long for distraction and escape. Fueled by memories of forfeited dreams, estranged families, and a peculiar childhood obsession, they find solace in one another’s melancholy abandon. The trio sets out on a road trip, compelling them to contemplate their pasts and wonder if the familiarity of monotony, inadequacy, and loss is enough to sustain a friendship, a love, or a life.

Eric Michael Kochmer
Eric Michael Kochmer
Sapna Gandhi
Key Cast
Ethan Kogan, Jessica Silvetti, Sapna Gandhi